Disney invents an adorable robot for making giant sand drawings (A Disney inventa um robô para fazer desenhos gigantes na areia)

24/03/2015 13:05

By Joseph Flahert,

Disney has long been a hotbed of robotic innovation, from the audio-animatronic Abraham Lincolns in its theme parks to the vision of drones in Wall-E. The Mouse's latest electromechanical project, called the BeachBot, brings robots out of the theme parks and theaters and onto shores and sandboxes.

At just under two feet long and 15 inches wide and tall, the BeachBot can autonomously fill a 30-square-foot area of sand with images from the "Lion King" or "Finding Nemo" in under 10 minutes. Seven servo motors allow the bot to deploy the prongs of its rake in different configurations, creating varied brush strokes that range from two to 15 inches wide. Bulbous balloon wheels make it possible for the 'bot to traverse all types of sand while leaving no tracks that would mar the drawings.

See a video before and read more in www.beachbot.ch/

Fonte: CNN



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