ElliptiGO leva projeto conceitual de bicicleta para outro nível (ElliptiGO takes biking to the next level)

06/11/2013 12:56



For years, bikes have been a favorite mode of transportation. Throughout time, bicycles have evolved, with changing wheel-sizes and slimming saddles. From banana seats to racing styles, the art of the bicycle is being celebrated at the Museum of Science and Industry … including the newest two-wheeler without a seat!

Dusty Schlotfeldt, owner of Fitness Experts: “Operates like an elliptical, the balance is just like a bicycle, the movement is kind of like running so it’s combination of all three worlds.”

This invention brings the world of the gym outside for a moving elliptical experience called ElliptiGO.

Schlotfeldt: “They wanted to create something that was low impact to give that elliptical customer, that runner, something to do outdoors versus an elliptical inside.”

There is a learning curve, but just like any new experience, it’s one foot in front of the other.

Schlotfeldt: “I usually recommend putting one pedal forward, and you are just going to kick off like you would on a skateboard or scooter, and power through the movement and just pedal.”

Balance is a bit tricky at first—as are the turns—but that forces you to keep your core tight, making for a more dynamic experience.

Schlotfeldt: “You burn 30-percent more calories on this than you would running.”

Taking the test to the street, exercise experts found the high running bike to be a top rate workout.

Schlotfeldt: “It’s basically your exertion, so how hard you are working to get your heart rate up to burn the calories. You are not exerting as much effort, but you are really, really working hard. You burn the calories, you are breathing heavy, but it is not as damaging as running would be to your body.”

It’s easier on the joints, so the ElliptiGO will keep you going for longer without any pain.

Schlotfeldt: “It’s more challenging that running, it’s more challenging than using an elliptical trainer and it’s more challenging than riding a bicycle. What I love about this is I can get out and log 40 miles on this, and the next day my knees don’t hurt, my hips don’t hurt, my ankles don’t hurt. If I ran for an hour or two outdoors, my knees are killing me the next day.”

For now, the price tag may be the most difficult thing about the ElliptiGO. This new technology comes with a cost anywhere from $1800 to $3500 dollars.

To learn more, check out www.elliptigo.com.




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